The two positives for Madrid are Abalde and Reyes

Alberto Abalde and Felipe Kings They are the two players of the Real Madrid who have tested positive for Covid in the last hours, which forces them to withdraw for the first game of the Endesa League quarter-series against Great
Canary (This Monday at 10:00 p.m.). The names of the players have been made public by the entity in an official note.

The white club has feared for defeat in this premiere, a possibility that was consummated in case a third positive appeared. The protocol ACB for the playoffs it marks that with three positives in a team it is considered that there is an outbreak and the team cannot play and loses the match, a situation that was solved during the regular phase by postponements of the matches. As there are no dates available for postponements during the playoffs, in which the teams play every other day, the affected team would be eliminated from the fight for the title if the positives forced it to miss two consecutive games.

The second playoff game between the Real
Madrid and the Herbalife It is scheduled this Wednesday (20.00) in Las Palmas, so there is no margin to recover those affected.

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