The Supreme Court confirms the nullity of the dismissal of Joey Dorsey

The Supreme court has rejected the last resort of the Basketball Barça against the ruling that forced the Barça club to reinstate and compensate the pivot Joey dorsey, fired in 2017 for criticizing the club’s medical services on Instagram, according to SER Catalunya. Dorsey, who currently plays for Apollon Limassol in the Cypriot league, must be reinstated and compensated with 25,000 euros in addition to receiving the salaries that he has been unpaid since he was fired in early 2017.

The American came to the Blaugrana team in the summer of 2013 from the Greek Olympiacos, spent three years with the Houston Rockets and Galatasaray before returning to Barça in 2016. The dismissal letter arrived in January 2017: the American had criticized with harshly to the club’s medical services on his Instagram account and blamed them for the injury to the ankle ligaments that he had dragged from the Euroleague the previous year. “The team didn’t let me slow down to recover and go back to being the almighty Dorsey,” he said among other things.

FC Barcelona first opened a file and then opted for dismissal. A file that cited, among other infractions, several occasions in which the player was late for training, refused to undergo weight control or even a “night out at the Barcelona casino until the wee hours of the morning ”The night before a Euroleague game. It was clause 7 of his contract that led to the dismissal: it requires that any statement about the team be made in a respectful way.

A dismissal that the Justice has declared void, forcing the club to rehire him, pay him the salaries that he has stopped collecting since his departure from the club that year and also compensate him with 25,000 euros. The Supreme Court has rejected in an order the appeal of FC Barcelona against the judgments of the Superior Court of Catalonia and the social court that declared the dismissal null for violating the player’s freedom of expression.

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