The strong accident of Carlos Sainz in the classification of the GP of Hungary

Carlos Sainz accident in Hungary

Carlos Sainz accident in Hungary
Carlos Sainz accident in Hungary

The participation of Carlos Sainz in the classification of Hungarian GP It ended abruptly and totally unexpectedly due to an accident.

He was around Q2, in which the Spaniard hoped to qualify comfortably for the final round, when an unexpected blow from the rear of his Ferrari made him lose control. Sainz controlled enough the steering wheel so that the spin was not total, but he could not avoid sliding until crashing with relative violence against the wards sides of the magyar circuit.

The strong crash did him more damage morally than physically, thanks to the security measures of the current Formula 1.

Sainz has explained that the blow was of a force of 22G, enough to have done more than harm. “It was probable that the car was damaged. It had traction, but it had the spoiler underneath. You never have to give up, I have tried not to give up. But maybe the best thing was to stop,” he explained, given that after the crash, as the engine had not off, tried to continue.

Beyond the extra work for the mechanics, this incident has been a moral setback for the Spaniard. “It is a hard blow. If there is a circuit where you do not want to have a problem in qualifying, it is here since it is very difficult to overtake. It is part of learning to see how the car reacts to different gusts of wind; we have to learn from it,” he explained .

The rest of the classification left Fernando Alonso starting 9th for the race this Sunday, with Lewis hamilton on pole ahead of Valtteri Bottas Y Max verstappen.

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