The stars react to Lillard’s great game: “It’s a spiritual experience”

Damian Lillard performed last night one of the most awe-inspiring performances in NBA memory by adding 55 points and 12 triples, absolute record for goals in a playoffs, in the loss of the Portland Trail Blazers against the Denver Nuggets by 147-140 after two extensions that he forced himself.

The base’s final unrewarding effort did find the recognition and fascination of their colleagues by profession, and few were the stars who were left without commenting on the wonderful meeting of Lillard, more like a video game character than a real flesh player.

β€œI had like four tweets that I wanted to write to describe this ARTWORK by Damian Lamonte Ollie Lillard Sr., but seriously I can’t find the words ”, explained Kevin Durant via Twitter. The Nets star perhaps came closer than anyone, in another tweet, when describing what happened in Denver: “This is a spiritual experience.”

Lillard drew his entire arsenal from ‘Dame time’, his personal and improved version of others’ ‘Clutch time’, with two triples that forced two extensions in a game that the Nuggets seemed to have controlled in various stages of the game.

Austin Rivers, who was in charge of defending him, starred in the meme of the night by asking thanks to God after a failure of the rival star in the final moments of the game: β€œHe didn’t miss a shit. With one hand on the face, with two hands on the face. I was thinking ‘what the hell is this’ ”.

“What’s going on”, Nikola Vucevic wondered. He then summed it up himself: “Dame is in Space Jam mode”. Allonzo Trier put it another way: “Dame is in the Matrix!”. The shocked reactions reached the most famous members of the press.

“Come now!”, tweeted Adrian Wojnarowski, unusual in these direct praise of the players.

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