The sport turns to Naomi Osaka after her abandonment at Roland Garros

Naomi Osaka reacts during her match against Patricia Maria Tig in the first round at Roland Garros.

The news of the abandonment of Naomi Osaka at Roland Garros in the face of possible sanctions for not attending the media during the tournament (she was already sanctioned with 12,300 euros for not doing it after her first match) has left the sports world in shock, which has not hesitated to support the Japanese tennis player in her attempt to give visibility to anxiety problems and mental health.

One of those who has spoken out about Osaka’s reaction has been the star of the NBA Warriors Stephen Curry, who wrote this message on his social networks: “You should never make a decision like this, but it is so impressive to take the right path when the powers are not protecting their own. My highest respects to Naomi Osaka “

The Memphis Grizzlies guard also wanted to show his support for Osaka Ja Morant: “We are with you Naomi Osaka”

The world of politics also wanted to join the vindication of Naomi Osaka, as stated by the Democratic senator for New York Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez: “Proud of you, Naomi Osaka”

Women’s tennis also wanted to protect Osaka in this difficult situation. Coco Gauff, Another of the most demanding tennis players on the circuit despite being only 17 years old also wanted to send this message to Osaka. “Stay strong. I admire your vulnerability.”

The tennis legend also expressed his support Billie Jean King: “It is really brave that Naomi Osaka has revealed her truth about her struggle with depression. Right now the most important thing is that we give you the space and time you need. I wish him well”.

Belarusian tennis player Victoria Azarenka He also wanted to comment on the situation, although without mentioning Osaka: “The challenge today is to convince people of the value of truth, honesty, compassion and concern for others.”

From men’s tennis the captain of the United States of Davis Cup Mardy Fish, who also suffered from anxiety problems During his career, he offered to give all possible help to Osaka in her current situation: “Mental health is something that cannot be criticized. You cannot joke about it. Please take mental health seriously. Without the support I had I would not be here. I am here for you Naomi Osaka.”

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