The spectacular accident in a rally in Belgium: two laps of the bell and the drivers unharmed

Adrien Fourmaux, at the Ypres Rally

Adrien Fourmaux, at the Ypres Rally
Adrien Fourmaux, at the Ypres Rally

Monumental scare on the second day of the Ypres Rally, the eighth round of the WRC World Championship, which came very close to ending in tragedy after a strong accident of the pilot Adrien Fourmaux and his co-pilot Renaud Jamoul, with his Ford Fiesta, which was completely destroyed.

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In a fast left-hand corner, the M-Sport Ford driver lost control of the rear of his car and it ended up hitting the ground causing the whole car to destabilize at high speed.

After give two and a half turns of the bell, his Ford Fiesta was disintegrating until colliding with a pole that stopped the vehicle. In fact, the aggressiveness of the accident was such that the signal from the car cameras was lost, before they ended up in a ditch at kilometer 23.62 of Kemmelberg.

Just as surprising as lucky, both Fourmaux and Jamoul were unharmed from the accident that he “cost his life” to his Ford Fiesta, which will not be able to continue in the rally due to the serious damage suffered. The couple has had to abandon three stages from the end.

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