The regular season of the Major Leagues, close to being postponed: The MLB already sees the agreement far away before the deadline

The MLB already assures that the regular season will be postponed after not...

The negotiations between the MLB and the players have not come to fruition in recent days. The deadline is approaching, but the Major Leagues already see the possibility of starting in time for March 31 as far away.

Jeff Passan published this Wednesday that in the organization they know that the games will be postponed or at least this measure seems imminent. The gap between the agreements that are still intended or has just closed and both parties are reluctant to sign an agreement.

And it is that the money raised by the Players Association with respect to the league proposal is very far away. MLB’s latest offer was a $10,000 raise to the minimum wage.

Major League Baseball’s desire is for the salary to be raised from $630-670,000 to $640-680,000 over a five-year deal. While the players insist that the amount be between $775-895 thousand dollars. In other words, the substantial difference is $135,000. Nor have they had an agreement with the so-called luxury tax.

The novenas have warned the union that they will not agree to reduce the amount that is distributed by distribution of profits. Nor will they accept new formulas for players to accumulate service time. Players say the latter is necessary so as not to delay free agency eligibility.

In the meantime, the deadline for the players and MLB to reach the agreement is February 28, so it seems more and more difficult that the deadlines are met.

(With information from AP)

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