The reasons the Yankees cut the Red Sox 10.5 games in less than 50 days to tie for the wild card

The Yankees rekindle their postseason hopes.

ANDl July 5th, after the Subway Series and the Red Sox winning in Anaheim, the Yankees were 42-41. They were 10.5 games away from the postseason, Let’s no longer talk about the division, which the Tampa Rays continue to dominate quietly as in recent years. They were fourth in the AL East, behind Toronto, and the probability models gave them more options to be out of the Playoffs.

It looked like a lost season in the Bronx, a huge failure after investing to improve pitching and looking to end the World Series drought, butjust 44 days later, New York is tied with Boston heading into the final stretch of the season.

How did the Yankees come back from 10.5 games in less than a month and a half, and 9.5 in the last 23 days?

The Yankees have learned to suffer. Of the 120 Yankees games, 68 have been decided by two or fewer races, the most in Las Mayores. Yankees have won 45, also the maximum, and the 66.2% of wins in these duels it is also the best.

Key that in a season in which the squad has not been healthy and cannot produce like other years. 12 teams have better race differential. The Dodgers lead the majors with +195, 171 more than the Yankees, but winning by one or winning by 10 adds up exactly the same in the most important column, the win column. In these last 37 games, 26 fell by 1 or 2 runs and won 20.

After the July 29 games, the Yankees trailed Boston’s 8.5 games. in the fight for the jokers. The moment of decision arrived: to sell or to buy in the deadline of changes.

Projections continued to indicate that they would be out of the Playoffs, but the Yankees opted for patience when They didn’t fire Aaron Boone and went to buy players at the market. It gave results.

They arrived Joey gallo Y Anthony Rizzo, who have not stripped the ball, but have produced: 8 runs in 19 games for Gallo, 6 in 9 for Rizzo.

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