The reasons for Esteban Ocon’s long-term renewal with Alpine: avoid temptations and send a warning to Alonso

Esteban Ocon, in the Alpine box

Esteban Ocon, in the Alpine box
Esteban Ocon, in the Alpine box
XPB / James Moy Photography Ltd

Alpine he knows that 2021 will be a transitional season before 2022, which is the starting point to seek to be champions again.

While they finish designing the future single-seater, they have long-term tied to Esteban Ocon: has signed a renewal for three seasons, until 2024. The news reaches the gates of French GP, which will be home for both the driver and the team.

The French team thus ends any speculation before the summer. Ocon is still a pilot for the quarry of Mercedes, and with the future of Lewis hamilton and, above all, of Valtteri Bottas in the air, they don’t want there to be temptations to return to the fold. Ocon is a more than beloved driver within Alpine / Renault, and they consider him one of the stones on which the project for the future is based.

The highlight of Fernando Alonso at the Azerbaijan GP

Fernando Alonso’s impressive highlight at the Azerbaijan GP: from 10th to 6th in five corners

But also this news is a warning for Fernando Alonso. The Asturian, who after his great performance in Baku has been able to surpass him in the championship, will have to count on Ocon by his side as long as he remains in Formula 1. A lot would have to change things for Alonso to change teams and sign another contract beyond the current one, so you must assume that Ocon is the only partner he will have on his return.

“We have made a lot of progress together since I joined the team and I intend to continue this adventure. We have great challenges ahead, especially with the new 2022 regulations. I am confident that we can achieve our goals if we work together,” says Ocon, in a whole declaration of intent.

The Frenchman has pulled the Alpine wagon this year, with four consecutive races between the points, although in Azerbaijan he had to leave due to a breakdown.

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