The piece of Juventus that Laporta wants for Barcelona

FC Barcelona comes to the end of the season with great chances of getting a double that would be spectacular after such an irregular start to the season. Koeman has managed to fit the pieces together to form a solvent team, which a few days ago solved a difficult ballot at the La Cerámica stadium thanks to a great performance by Griezmann.

Koeman’s team is already beginning to look ahead to next season, and as revealed Eduardo Inda In “El Chringuito”, there is a top European central defender who is of great interest to both the coach and Laporta himself. This is De Ligt, the Juventus center-back, who despite his young age, 21, has already established himself as one of the fixed in the back of Juventus in Turin. OF LIGT LIKES TO THE BARÇA

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The Dutchman would form a great couple with another of Barça’s future players, Eric García, and he also has a great friend within the culé squad, Frenkie De Jong, with whom he coincided at Ajax.

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