The moment when Djokovic broke before the world

They were running almost three sets from the US Open final when Novak Djokovic broke down against the world. The Serbian was two sets down and, in the break before the game in which Medvedev would end up also sentencing the third, he broke down in tears. The public detected it and increased their support. He even booed Medvedev when he tried to close out the win.

“I want to say that although I have lost this final my heart is full of joy for how you have treated me. I have never felt like this. I love you,” said the Serbian afterwards. Tears would come to his eyes again during that speech at the awards ceremony. And then, at the press conference, he collapsed when he was serving the journalists of his country and left without finishing answering.

“Honestly, the audience touched my heart. Of course, at the end of the day you want to win. You are a professional athlete. These are the kind of moments you love.. These are connections that you establish with people that will last a long time, “he managed to say before.

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