The MLB and the Union continue the negotiations on the deadline: they will not leave until they have an agreement

The MLB still does not have a collective bargaining agreement.

Lto MLB season still at risk. Monday was one of longest days of talks between MLB the MLB Players Union, and despite all attempts there is still no collective agreement.

As reported by ESPN, after exceeding the threshold of 12:00 at night in Florida, are far from signing an agreement and the season, which is scheduled to start on March 31, could be postponed if the Tuesday no final decision is reached.

The main problem, is that the league has requested that four weeks of training are needed of spring before opening the season, therefore, this Monday was the deadline for the campaign to start in a timely manner.

Reporting by Bob Nightengale of USA Today, reported that the luxury tax threshold is one of the main issues for which an agreement is not reached, because last year was set at $210 million. While Jon Heyman mentioned that the idea of ​​having 14 teams in the playoffs is giving complications for the players to accept, since they want it to stay with 12.

Although it is not known at what time the negotiation will end, It is hoped that during the night an agreement will be reached so as not to have topostpone the MLB season.

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