The Masters 1,000 of Montecarlo pronounces in the Djokovic case

Novak Djokovic at the Masters 1,000 in Monte Carlo 2021.

The Masters 1,000 in Monte Carlo made it clear this Thursday that the Serbian Novak Djokovic, current number 1 in the world, You will only be able to participate in that tournament if you meet the health requirements demanded by France.

“If he is in order with respect to the sanitary conditions required by the French Government, we will be happy to receive him. He has to be in order. At the moment, as far as I know, he is not vaccinated”, its director, Zeljko Franulovic, pointed out at a press conference. It so happens that Djokovic has fixed his residence in Monaco.

The 1,000 Monte Carlo Masters, which in 2020 was canceled due to the pandemic and in 2021 was played behind closed doors, will reopen its doors to the public in this new edition, from April 9 to 17.

“To enter France, the first rule is to be vaccinated. The ATP protocol also offers the possibility of delivering a contagion certificate one month before the start of the competition”added Franulovic, according to which the Serb’s participation “will depend on him”.

The director of the Montecarlo Masters 1,000, according to statements collected by the French press, said that all the players with whom they have spoken are vaccinated, except Djokovic

Franulovic admitted that he would love to have him, but stressed that he does not think the tournament would be affected by his absence. The final list of entrants will close on March 14 and the draw for the draw will take place on April 8.

The French Governmentwho on January 7 advanced that Djokovic could participate in Roland Garros, rectified ten days later by warning that all those who compete must have the complete vaccination schedule, which will also be required of the public and the professionals involved.

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