The major league work stoppage continues and there is no date to start spring training and the season is at risk

MLB will present one more proposal to the union on Saturday.

ANDMajor League Baseball commissioner Rob Manfred said the start of spring training is still in the offing due to the lockout and his goal is to reach an agreement that allows the regular season to start as scheduled on March 31.

I think we will reach an agreement in time to play our regular calendar”Manfred said Thursday after the three-day meeting with the owners. “Losing some games would be a disastrous result for the industry.”

Manfred stated that MLB intends to present a new proposal to the players’ association when negotiations resume on Saturday. It will be the fifth session on economic issues since the strike was declared on December 2.

The second longest lockout in the history of the Major Leagues reached its day 71

“We’ll have a conversation with the MLBPA (the initials for the players’ union) about the schedule. We know the dates on the schedule,” Manfred said.

Spring training is due to start on February 16. At least three weeks of preparation are needed, plus additional time for players to report and undergo COVID-19 protocols. Manfred noted that a minimum of four weeks of training is preferable.

Manfred added that teams do not intend to play exhibition matchups with minor leaguers.

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