The last ‘stick’ from Tebas to Florentino for the Super League

Javier Tebas attended the Europa Press breakfasts to talk about all the news in the world of football. The LaLiga president was consulted about the Superliga project led by Florentino Pérez and for the last controversy that arose after the penalty indicated by the hands of Militao.

“I have not changed on that issue. I can understand the unease: the lack of judgment on the issue of the hands has generated that unease. I remember that when we started with the VAR we ran a very important campaign to explain it. You ask me if It was the Militao thing and I have to say that I don’t know. Really, as president of LaLiga, I don’t know! And it’s not a unique issue for Real Madrid. We have to give it a spin and I hope the CTA is working in this and will lead us to a specialization of VAR referees. It is easier to have a unification of criteria with five referees than with 20 “, said Tebas in the talk. On this issue he added that “I don’t think there is a black hand with VAR. I understand the discomfort and that it is not understood that in some places yes and in others not. But there is no black hand at all.”

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The president of LaLiga, Javier Tebas, has indicated that football “It’s not going to go broke in three years.” “I have heard the president of Real Madrid say that football is going to ruin three years and that is simply not true,” he said.

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