The intensity of the Mavs-Clippers rises: Doncic and Beverley come to blows

Luka Doncic and Patrick Beverley have a long history of pits and brawls. Last night they repeated an incident with a technical double foul that the referees whistled at them after coming to blows in the last minute of the first quarter from the Dallas Mavericks’ 108-118 loss to the Los Angeles Clippers in Game 3 of the first-round playoff tie.

After being called an offensive foul for running over Rajon Rondo, the Slovenian turned around to protest to the referees and ran into Beverley, which he had previously left behind with a jog in the play.

The exterior of the Clippers tried to get the ball out of his hands and Doncic bounced, what caused a tangana with all the players of both teams in a huddle.


The action resulted in a double technical foul, one for each player, in a match that saw how LA intensity went through the roof regarding the first two encounters.

In the first match of the tie, a loose mic caught Luka yelling at Beverley for his inability to defend him.

At the end of last night’s game, Dorian Finney-Smith also faced the rival bench, although it has not transcended what the matter was about.

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