The funny suffering of Pedro de la Rosa with a Eurofighter: “You have to hold on, you have to hold on …”

Pedro de la Rosa, in a Eurofighter

Pedro de la Rosa, in a Eurofighter
Pedro de la Rosa, in a Eurofighter

For weeks in the run-up to each Formula 1 Grand Prix on DAZN have been heating up what has become an event: Pedro de la Rosa I had tried a Eurofighter.

A pilot of the Air Force was in charge of subjecting the former pilot and current commentator to that ‘torture’ together with Antonio Lobato placeholder image of the races. 8G forces, ‘loops’, turns and more than 1000 km / h made De la Rosa, used to high speeds and the pressures of a Formula 1, end up screaming.

Fernando Alonso, in the Spanish GP of Formula 1

Fernando Alonso and Carlos Sainz, protagonists in the Spanish GP

For weeks, De la Rosa underwent various tests and talks by members of the Army. Since psychological tests to establish if it was suitable, going through physical exams that will guarantee the total security of the exhibition. And also the show.

After the video was broadcast, Antonio Lobato thanked the authorities for allowing this action, especially because it was going to give him “years and years” of laughter. Toni Cuquerella, the other commentator, by the screams of his good friend.

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