The French league will be decided this year with a Final Four

The French league (LNB) has decided to resolve this season its first division (Jeep Elite) by the format of Final four. This decision responds to the delay accumulated in the competition calendar, which at this point has five days of the regular phase to play when the rest of the European domestic leagues are already in the playoffs or even finished.

The problem in France was the suspension of competitions for a month and a half that took place because of the pandemic last November and December. In order not to extend the season almost until July, the LNB has decided that the top eight play a quarterfinal playoff at the end and what after all four winners fight for the title in a Final Four that will take place in Rouen of June 24-26.

Players had requested a couple of weeks ago that the Jeep Elite be resolved based on the regular phase results, which the LNB has not accessed. What will determine the regular phase is the qualification for European competitions.

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