The first round of the ring is played in Milwaukee

The Milwaukee Bucks cherish the title, and with a 3-2 in the balance of the NBA Finals 2021 they are planted in his fiefdom and before his public with the opportunity to hunt his first ring in half a century, a milestone that the Phoenix Suns will try to avoid at all costs.

The Arizona team is for the first time in these playoffs, the first they have played in a decade, between a rock and a hard place. In all the postseason they had not seen themselves before a meeting of absolute consequences: if they lose they will say goodbye to the season, and if they win they will have the opportunity of their lives in the seventh game.

The precedents, if they help, do not give the Suns much of a chance in terms of winning the title. With the 2-2-1-1-1 format, the teams that have fallen 3-2 in the Finals have lost the ring 22 times.. Only four have beaten the odds: the 2016 Cavs, the 1978 Bullets and the 1969 and 1962 Celtics.

Favoritism falls on Milwaukee, a team that has accumulated many more playoff experiences and notorious disappointments, such as the loss to the Toronto raptors in the 2019 Eastern Conference Finals and the rapapolvo against the Miami Heat in the Semifinals of the Disney bubble last year.

The team of Mike budenholzer He has been working with the same hard core for years to reach this moment, and the Giannis Antetokounmpo He has recognized that he has dreamed of this match many times.

The sixth match, which takes place this morning from Tuesday to Wednesday from 03:00 peninsular hours in Spain, may cap off the pandemic season, which has revived all the excitement of American competition with the return of the public to the pavilions during these playoffs.

There will be a full house, and in the famous ‘Deer district’ of Milwaukee, just outside the Fiserv Forum, more than 60,000 souls will gather according to the forecast of the authorities wanting to celebrate a title that will be historic no matter what.

If the Suns make the rounds on the road, it will be the rowdy Arizona fans who will witness the final title battle an outcome that Bucks prefer to accelerate, who will seek to make fewer starting mistakes and avoid having to come back to win.

Losses and some sections with bad decisions in attack are the main focuses of the whole of Wisconsin, which will base its success on another great game of his particular ‘big-three’. If Anteto, Middleton and Holiday repeat the display in the fifth, there is little the Suns will be able to do.

The visitors They need the best Devin Booker, who they have counted on in the last two games, once again. They will also need to re-engage Chris paul and embolden Deandre Ayton, a real defense strainer.

Phoenix’s success goes through reduce your Bookerdependence, insufficient despite two games in a row above the 40 points, and regain your distribution and speed in the game.

Open spaces, split the defense with penetrations and find the man released in the triple It will be the roadmap for Monty Williams’ team. On the other side of the court, the priority will be to stop the devastating game against Milwaukee.

As heard in the press room, the summary of the sixth game is reduced to a duel between despair and discipline. In such a close tie, it will again be the small details that decide if there is a seventh or if the Bucks are proclaimed champions.

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