The final phase of the junior Euroleague can end in Valencia

The Euroleague these days looking for headquarters to host the Junior Euroleague Final Eight which was to be played in parallel to the Final Four in Cologne…. and the tournament can end in L’Alqueria of Valencia, although there are other options.

In the installation of the Valencia Basket It was where the team of Barça won a place for a tournament for which they have also qualified the Madrid and the Mega Soccerbet from Belgrade. The other five participants will be for invitations that have not yet been officially sent.

The restrictions due to COVID 19 in Germany maintain the impossibility of organizing non-professional competitions, which has already forced the organization to move one of the qualifying tournaments from Munich to Istanbul.

This situation has led to Euroleague to look for an alternative, for which he is prioritizing the experience. That is, the city and the club that are in charge of organizing the tournament have already done it before to facilitate everything.

In that list of candidates, is Valencia, which has hosted qualifying tournaments in the last three editions. Serbia Belgrade and the lithuanian Kaunas they also appear on that list of previous venues on several occasions.

Lithuanian journalist Donatas Urbonas pointed out on his Twitter account that Valencia is the main candidate to finally host the tournament.

The general director of the Valencian club, Jose Puentes, pointed out a few days ago that not having a place for the next edition of the Euroleague will not interrupt the collaboration with the tournament and stressed that one of the strengths of his ‘candidacy’ to obtain a fixed place in the competition is precisely to be a very active club and always willing to collaborate.

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