The fight for the MLB postseason today September 30: classified, wildcard and in the crosshairs

Yankees, Red Sox and Mariners, in the fight inch by inch for the ...

Lto 7-game winning streak for the NY Yankees ended this Tuesday with a loss to the Toronto Blue Jays by a score of 6 to 5 and with this the fight for a wild card spot in the American League will be at its highest level in the last 4 games remaining in the regular season.

From the first place not only in the East Division, but in the entire American League, the Tampa Bay Rays (98 wins) will see the yankees (90v), lyou Blue Jays (88v) and the Boston Red Sox (89v) take out the calculators and wait for strange results. Up to two of them could accompany the Rays to the postseason if the necessary markers are given.

But there is not only pressure in the East, the Houston Astros (92v) and lSeattle Mariners (89v) they fight 1st place in the Western Division. However, if the M’s don’t catch up to Houston, they could still get a playoff ticket if NY, Toronto or Boston stumble in their next meetings.

In the midst of all this pressure Chicago White Sox (91v) can relax and wait for their postseason rival as they are far away from the Cleveland Indians (77v) in the Central Division.

In the meantime, in the National League, the St. Louis Cardinals (89v) had an incredible 17 win streak in a row to get into October baseball. His rival will come out of between the San Francisco Giants (104v) and the LA Dodgers (102v) fighting for the top of the West Division.

The Milwaukee Brewers (95v) they also secured their place in the playoffs by winning the crown of the Central Division.

Nevertheless, the East Division is still looking for its champion and the candidates, the Atlanta Braves (85v) and the philadelphia phillies (81v) face this Thursday.

A few days before the regular season ends, the only certainty is that there will be a photo finale in both leagues.

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