The fact that ridicules Butler: he scores less than Forbes in the series

Bucks last night he took another victory with ease against Miami
Heat, confirming the elimination of the Florida team, thus ending their season. After reaching the NBA Finals last season, the Spoelstra they are now dismounted at the first change

As soon as the elimination was confirmed, many began to look for culprits and eyes focused on Jim

Butler. The Heat star has had a horrible series and there are several statistics to confirm it.

However, one in particular ridicules Butler. Miami forward has scored 58 points in all four series games against Milwaukee. By contrast, Brynn
Forbes has achieved 60 points for the Bucks, far from being one of his team’s first offensive options.

Butler has averaged 14.5 points in almost 40 minutes of play against the Bucks. In that time he has scored less than 30% of your shots from the field and only 26% of his attempted triples. The Miami debacle cannot fall only on him but he is undoubtedly one of the great culprits.

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