The European hangover and Medié take their toll

Villarreal was defeated by Celta in a match in which in a way they showed that they were ‘hungover’ after qualifying for the Europa League final achieved on Thursday. That is unquestionable, as is also the fact that the arbitration decisions are hardly favorable. Perhaps someone can say that with the regulations in hand they did not harm him either, but it does not seem very normal that the balance almost always leans on the same side. It is very unfortunate, although it is true that the trees should not prevent you from seeing the forest.

In the first part of the meeting so many things happened that there is no physical space in this chronicle to describe them. Just to list them. Celta took the lead with a powerful header from Santi Mina preceded by a clear foul committed by Nolito that the referee did not interpret as immediately prior to the goal (18 ‘). Villarreal, despite the blow, reacted and managed to reestablish the tables with another header, this time by Moi Gómez, after an excellent personal move by Rubén Peña (24 ‘). Y the people from Vigo took the lead again after a controversial penalty that Medié Jiménez pointed out after a clash between Asenjo and Hugo Mallo in an exit and that Santi Mina transformed (34 ‘).

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At that point of the meeting, the referee was already the sad protagonist of the meeting, at least for the Groguet team, because until that moment all the gray plays in the refereeing field had fallen on the visiting side, but the balance ended up declining already. definitive when shortly after the referee first expelled Celtiña Nestor after an action in which it is true that he touched the ball entering in a very spectacular way, but then at the request of the VAR he reduced the sanction to leave it in a yellow.

Emery’s face on the bench was already a poem and things just started when what initially was a lack of Capoué to Denis on the front (the Frenchman raised his little foot in an untimely and reckless way) it became a penalty, because the offense, punishable, was slightly inside the area. Brais Méndez launched it to make it 1-3 (48 ‘) and with that marker, and the groguets nerves to the surface, it came to rest.

In that first act the team, although the referee’s performance may serve as an alibi, did not go well. Too many concessions in a defense plagued by non-regulars (Emery initially opted to give rest to many heavyweights) and lack of mordant in attack, an aspect of the latter that was to be reversed in the restart with the entry of Gerard Moreno, but an arrival on the left wing well culminated by Solari in the first bars (56 ‘) meant 1-4. It was the coup de grace to the meeting.

From there to the end Villarreal wanted but could only in an action in which this time the referee signaled a penalty by hands also in a limit position, but within the area. Gerard transformed the lantation (2-4 in 84 ‘) and although in the last minutes they even played in superiority due to the expulsion of Facundo, the points went to Vigo.

Without drama, it is mandatory to think that the European appointment is logical to attract attention, but it is better not to neglect LaLiga because the direct access place to the Europa League is not guaranteed.

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