The Euroleague will start on September 30; the Eurocup, October 20

The 2021/2022 season of the Euroleague will begin on September 30 and that of the Eurocup It will do so on October 20, as agreed on Thursday by the assembly of the organizing company of both European basketball tournaments.

Likewise, the minimum budget for the clubs has been approved, which is set at 7 million euros (previously it was 5.4 million).

Regarding the technical rules of the game, both the Euroleague as of the Eurocup, it has been agreed that “the review of doubtful plays or ‘Instant Replay System’ (IRS) will take place during the next time-out or at the end of the quarter to reduce interruptions to play, except in the last two minutes of regulation time and overtime. “

In addition, the head coaches will have a “challenge” for party to ask the referees to return to see a play within reviewable situations established.

Regarding the calendar for the 2021-22 season, the assembly has agreed that the Euroleague begins on September 30 and that the Eurocup do it on October 20.

Likewise, the accounts for 2020-21 and the projections for 2021-22 have been approved, as well as “the first European Framework Agreement with the Euroleague Players Association, which will regulate the working relationship between clubs and basketball players for the next three seasons.

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