The epic battle between Alonso and Hamilton at the Hungarian GP: “I always made the same mistakes”

Battle of Fernando Alonso and Lewis Hamilton in the Hungarian GP

Battle of Fernando Alonso and Lewis Hamilton in the Hungarian GP
Battle of Fernando Alonso and Lewis Hamilton in the Hungarian GP

One of the images of the season will be the duel they starred in Fernando Alonso Y Lewis hamilton for ten laps at the Hungarian GP. The Asturian endured the Briton more than anyone expected, including himself, in part thanks to knowing how to detect where the seven-time champion was missing.

Videos of the battle speak for themselves.

Fernando Alonso and Lewis Hamilton, in their duel at the Hungarian GP

Epic victory for Ocon in the grotesque Hungarian GP thanks to Alonso’s teamwork with Hamilton

After the race, Alonso regretted having had “very bad luck” because of an exit that could have left him “in the position” of his teammate. Esteban Ocon, finally the winner, and his duel with Hamilton was detracted because he “always made mistakes in the last corners.”

“The truth is that we had very bad luck at the start because we could have been in the position of Esteban or of Sebastian (Vettel)We started eighth, ninth and tenth, but going outside today was bad for us, we lost positions and dictated the race, “Alonso commented on the DAZN microphone after the race.

Anyway, the Asturian celebrated having achieved “the best result” of the year with his fifth place and also “the best” of the team thanks to the “totally unexpected” victory of his partner. “We have been lucky enough to face Esteban and hopefully Alpine will be the first of many and Esteban will tell her to enjoy it because she will remember him forever,” he added.

The man from Oviedo was ironic when he said that “They did some teamwork today”, in relation to the incident of Valtteri Bottas (Mercedes) that left no options to Max verstappen (Red Bull) and Lando norris (McLaren), and his duel with Lewis hamilton, which did not remind him of the one he had with Michael Schumacher at Imola in 2005.

“Not because Schumacher was three or four times faster and Hamilton has a second and a half more car and a second approximately more wheels, they are two and a half of advantage, worse I always made the same mistakes in the last corners and could not overtake, “he explained.

Alonso stressed that he was “a little waiting” for the Englishman to make “one last normal curve” for him to pass. “That was what he did with Carlos (Sainz), who lasted a lap which was what I had to last him, but he made some mistakes. I knew he would not be able to contain him, but he did. every lap that passed behind was gold for Esteban’s victory because otherwise it would have come to the head “, he sentenced.

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