The entire MoraBanc requests that the end of the ACB regular phase be delayed for two days

The entire staff of MoraBanc Andorra, headed by his coach Ibon Navarro, has made a public appearance this Tuesday to request the ACB what delay two days the end of its regular phase (scheduled for May 16) to be able to relocate the game on Thursday of next week against Urbas Fuenlabrada, which it would arrive after a long trip and without the possibility of training. The Principality team had already shown its discomfort on the eve of the ACB’s announcement of the new dates of all the Endesa League matches that had been suspended by covid. The MoraBanc is forced, if this last calendar is not modified, to play 8 matches in 19 days. Already the day before, the sports director Frances Solana had asked the ACB for more sensitivity.

The Andorran team must play this Wednesday in Zaragoza against him Casademont, on Saturday in Santiago against Obradoiro and next Tuesday in Malaga against him Unicaja. “In the situation in which we find ourselves, with only nine players, three of them fresh out of the covid, we are asked that after playing these three games in a row away from home, with their corresponding trips, we return to Andorra from Malaga on Wednesday to last hour of the night to play again the following Thursday against Fuenlabrada. That is, we will play against Unicaja on Tuesday and in less than 48 hours, trip in between, to play a demanding game again. The only thing we ask the League, the only thing we ask the League is to consider the option of delaying the end of the League for two days in order to accommodate, in any of the ways already proposed by our club, the match of Fuenlabrada“, has asked Navarrese in an act in which he was surrounded by all the players of the MoraBanc Andorra.

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