The details of the new Formula 1 cars presented at Silverstone that will debut in 2022

Formula 1 car according to the 2022 regulations

Formula 1 car according to the 2022 regulations
Formula 1 car according to the 2022 regulations

The Formula 1 is in a moment of changes to end the great evils that affect them, as if that were possible without modifying the very essence of the sport, and that is why they have presented on the circuit of Silverstone for the first time in real size and publicly a model of the new cars that will go into action from the 2022 season.

Fernando Alonso, at the Austrian GP

This is the revolutionary sprint qualifying, the latest experiment to attract young people to F1, which opens at the British GP

Although the presentation was a bit lackluster because images had been leaked on social networks several hours before and they are not very different from those seen in computerized images of months ago, the staging of these cars left several details that allow us to be optimistic facing the great objective of the new regulations that will come into force next season: more even races and greater spectacle.

It is estimated that the entry of the new regulations is intended to be a complete revolution, as was the arrival of the turbo engines in the 80s, the introduction of ground effect (an element that gains in importance in these new cars) or the most recent arrival of hybrid engines over which it has reigned Mercedes.

“There is great excitement about starting this new era, and although 2021 is leaving good battles, we still have cars that suffer from following each other during the race. The 2022 rules will address this problem and provide opportunity for closer battles and more wheel-to-wheel races. . The combined effect of the new aerodynamic regulations and financial rules, in the form of budget limit, will create the conditions for a more balanced championship and for the differences on the grid to be shortened, “he promised. Ross brawn, current director of Formula 1.

Although it remains to be seen what they really translate into, these will be some of the details that have already been seen in the new cars:

18-inch wheels with hubcaps

Perhaps one of the most visually novel details is the new tires. Pirelli will continue as a supplier, but they will be 18 and not 13-inch wheels as usual. The intention is that they have less influence on the aerodynamic aspect (the basis of all the new design and regulations), and above all that they do not generate so much turbulence. For this reason, some showy hubcaps have been implemented.

Fewer aerodynamic appendages, simpler ailerons

The less aerodynamics, the more possibility that the cars approach each other without danger of losing control and, therefore, more overtaking. This is the basic rule on which the creation of these new cars has pivoted.

For this reason both the front spoiler (wider, lower and with the whiskers higher, almost up to half a wheel) as the rear (whose anchoring pillars are continuous with respect to the body of the car, and not placed on top) allow all the aerodynamic effect to go below, on the flat bottom and the ground.

“Most even races”

The initial analysis of the drivers, who have been able to see it live on the Silverstone track itself, is that they like it and that they hope it will allow them to compete more wheel by wheel.

So much Carlos Sainz What Fernando Alonso made their first impression and both emphasized that from the beginning it looks much more modern and, above all, that will lead to better careers. “It looks much more aggressive, especially the nose. I like it, it’s simpler and hopefully more even races will be seen,” said the Ferrari, while for the Asturian from Alpine “It looks great, very futuristic” “Hopefully we see better races and more even battles,” he also wished.

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