The concise health protocol for spectators at the Spanish GP: temperature measurement and 2 meters of distance

Tower of the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya, in Montmeló

Tower of the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya, in Montmeló
Tower of the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya, in Montmeló
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The career of Spanish GP from Formula 1 It will have fans, something that was decided at the last minute and almost behind the scenes, after the Catalan health authorities were reluctant for months. There will only be 1,000 people, all of them members of the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya, and they will only be able to access the race and not free practice or qualifying as in other years.

Gonzalo Serrano, during a program of 'More than Cars'

Morbo in the broadcast of the F1 Spanish GP on Telecinco: Gonzalo Serrano will compete against Antonio Lobato

The bustling stands of Montmeló will not be full of fans to avoid becoming a source of contagion of Covid, at a time when the Catalan region is not showing good data compared to other communities.

Although it is an open-air event and you can keep your distance, the Generalitat argued that the problem was the journey there by public transport and not so much the presence in the stands. To minimize risks, they have established a small health protocol that those 1,000 spectators will have to follow with a Sunday ticket. Fair measures, but they hope that enough despite the fact that do not require PCR or antigen tests, something that was on the table as an initial proposal.

Fernando Alonso

Fernando Alonso will race his 18th Spanish GP: “It is probably the most special race for me”

In addition to the mask, a mandatory complement, their temperature will be taken at the entrance to the enclosure, which will be carried out through several doors to avoid that those 1,000 people coincide. Once in place, they will not be able to move much and will have to save 2 meters away with the rest. In addition, it remains eating, drinking and smoking prohibited. On the other hand, the exits will be made through the same doors and they have recommended doing it in a staggered manner.

The Spanish GP usually hosts more than 40,000 people in its stands, although in recent years its influx had declined. The good organization of this edition will be key, since the continuity of Montmeló is in the air from next season.

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