The cat that steals the show at Yankee Stadium

With a game to be forgotten, the New York team was overshadowed with ...

The New York Yankees received the Baltimore Orioles at the legendary Yankee Stadium and with a game to be forgotten, a cat entered the field and took the night.

While the Yankees lost to Baltimore by seven runs to one, the feline entered the field, which is why the encounter had to stop for a few minutes while the cat was captured or left the field of play. Nor the participation of Anthony Rizzo and Joey Gallo, who just joined the team after the major league team trade period, it caused such a sensation.

The broken cat spent at least two minutes on the diamond to the point of crossing almost from end to end, Four Yankee Stadium guards came to try to remove the feline that for some moments climbed onto the mats that surround the perimeter of the field, although the kitten came down again to avoid the four guards in a feint that prompted the scream of a stadium unhappy with the performance of Aaron Boone’s team.

Baltimore, meanwhile, scored two runs during the third inning, the same number for the fourth inning, while another pair came just in the sixth inning, culminating in the harvest of runs in the eighth inning.. The Yankees couldn’t get their hands on a lonely run. So the most exciting thing for the New York public without a doubt was the cat whose whereabouts it entered the field of play is still unknown. Anyway, the feline is already a sensation on social networks with the video of his instance at Yankee Stadium.

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