The Bucks look to break the home court factor in the second round of the Finals

This season does not give a couple of days to take a break, and The NBA Finals are looming this morning Friday (03:00 hours on the peninsula) to the second round for the title between the Phoenix Suns and the Milwaukee Bucks. The Arizona team will once again have the home court factor after their clear 118-105 victory in the first game.

The injury of Dario Saric will force to permanently modify the plans of Monty Williams ahead of the tie, although the coach pointed out that the team has confidence and depth to spare to cover that loss with Torrey Craig, Frank Kaminsky, and even Abdel Nader.

After 26 free throws for the Suns In the first match, the narrative in the Phoenix newsroom pointed to the role of umpires.

“They scored 25 points from the personnel line, and we we are a team that pride ourselves on our defense and on being able to defend well without any need ”, he pointed Mike budenholzer, which did not want to give a strong headline to journalists. “It’s frustrating, but it’s part of the sport, of the game”.

The Bucks went to the line 16 times in the first game, and they made 9 shots. Giannis AntetokounmpoNoted for his long free throw routine, he scored 7 of 12. Only Jrue Holiday (2-2) and Brook Lopez (0-2) also went to the personnel line.

Khris middleton, the main reference in Milwaukee’s attack in the first game, also launched veiled criticism of the referees after shooting 26 times to the basket and not receiving any free kick: “I can’t wait for the referees, I have to be strong. If they whistle, it’s fine, but lately they haven’t, so I have to play better and be stronger ”.

Jrue Holiday put the focus on stepping on the paint again. He will also have to improve his poor 4 of 14 shooting from the field in the first game. “We have to enter the area much more, we have always won when we have stepped on the paint”, the base commented. “We have been the best scoring inside, and we have to continue to be.”

Budenholzer noted that Anteto continues to feel better as the days go by: “Everything has been positive and clean this morning”. The Bucks hope that the improvement in the Greek’s knee will allow him to be even more decisive in attack and defense.

Williams expects a great effort from Milwaukee to even the tie and break the Suns home court factor: “We have prepared for the greatest effort that we will see from the rival in the tie, and we are prepared. The objective is to win every game ”.

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