The Braves World Series ends the sports curse of the city of Atlanta

LThe Atlanta Braves won the World Series, a title denied to them for more than a quarter of a century, but the drought grows even more if we have the lack of titles in Atlanta in every sport out there, at least in the most popular within the United States.

It is true that the MLS Atlanta United proclaimed champion in 2018 when he beat the Portland Timbers with a pair of goals. But the feat still fell short of the top three leagues. If we continue in football we have to talk about Atlanta Silverbacks, a team of the extinct NASL that could never be named monarch until the demise of the league.

In the NHLFor example, the professional hockey league did not even lift a title when the Atlanta Thrashers existed. The Stanley Cup was left without stepping on AtlantaSince from 1999 to 2011, the time the franchise lasted, they only entered the postseason once.

American football is not far behind, everyone is aware of the historical curse of the Falcons who since their inception in the sixties of the last century to date cannot win a Super Bowl either. Everyone remembers the painful battle lost to Denver in 1998 when they were favorites but on the scoreboard they registered a 34-19 against, for more division titles (6) or the pair of conference titles there is no substitution for the maximum trophy in the NFL.

Baskets are not the stronghold of the city of Atlanta either, since The Hawks’ only NBA championship dates from 1958. Three conferences won in almost half a century do not translate into leagues. Even the last runner-up dates back four decades.

In this sense, Atlanta Braves finally reaps the Fall Classic to give joy to a city that loves sports, but that took generations to see a trophy in its hands again. The bad news is that could not be crowned in Atlanta, because the Astros lengthened a game more to take them to Minute Maid Park in Houston.

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