The Blue Jays return to Toronto almost two years later

The Blue Jays during game

La pandemic caused by Covid-19, modified the sport in many aspects, since many teams had to play behind closed doors once the activity was resumed, however, one of the most affected in the MLB was the case of the Toronto Blue Jays.

This is due to the fact that the Canadian team was forced to have to leave their home momentarily, but, thanks to a confirmation from the government of Canada, the “tiles”, will be able to return to the country of the maple leaf and more particularly, to Rogers Center after July 30.

In addition, Canada went almost two years without activity, which is why the return of the Blue Jays home will represent a return to “normalcy” for all baseball fans.

Finally, although the Toronto team went through New York, Buffalo, Florida and Dunedin, the country’s government imposed a series of rigorous measures to prevent Covid-19 infections and thus avoid an outbreak of infections with the team and the others who will enter and leave the country.

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