The Baskonia does not give “for lost” to Henry and Polonara

The sports director of the TD Systems Baskonia, Felix Fernandez, has indicated this Wednesday that the club does not give “for lost” to Pierrià Henry Y Achille polonara, who finish a contract this season with the Vitoria team and know the intention of the Basque entity to retain them.

The Baskonista leader did not want to go deeper, but considered that “talking about renovations at this point of the competition would not be good,” although Pierrià Henry What Achille polonara they know that the Baskonia he wants them to stay on the team.

Fernandez He preferred to focus on the league and warned that they will defend the title, as the coach already pointed out, Dusko Ivanovic, at the end of the game against him Joventut.

“We have not been able to work and we have asked for the rhythm of the game, but we are confident that we will recover it and now is the time to be patient and work,” said the Barça spokesman, who stated that “there is no need to be anxious.”

“We played five games in thirteen days and I think we will arrive with good feelings,” he added.

About the departure of Luca vildoza He indicated that it was “very fast” and acknowledged that “it is a very good agreement at the sporting level for the player.”

“We have finished very well with him and we maintain the rights of Luca (Vildoza) for the future because he is young ”, he clarified about the agreement.

“Great players have left this team and the team always takes a step forward. We have incorporated two players who are going to complement each other very well and the team is going to take a step forward ”, he clarified.

“Have Baskonia for a while and we will be there as always, “said the sports director from Vitoria, who analyzed that the NBA and the Chinese and Japanese leagues” have entered the market very strongly with large amounts of money and that alters it. “

He also pointed out that “in summer the times to incorporate players are later because the NBA has changed its hiring system and that leaves fewer players of a certain level,” so he opted to anticipate with the team they form in a Technical Secretariat led by Alfredo Salazar.

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