The 14-year-old 2.24-tall Chinese basketball giant

His name is Zhang Ziyu and he is only 14 years old, but he is the new basketball sensation in China and has become known worldwide. The reason? It measures no less than 2.24 meters high. In social networks, the videos in which she is seen to stand out among her peers and rivals of the same age have become viral, who can do little to her physical advantage.

Zhang Ziyu with his rivals and companions of the same age.  (Photo: Twitter / @globaltimesnews).
Zhang Ziyu with her rivals and peers of the same age. (Photo: Twitter / @globaltimesnews).

The young woman, a native of Shandong province, jumped into China’s national media after she won an under-15 tournament that she played with her team in Jingzhou city. scoring in title game 42 points, capturing 25 rebounds and putting 6 blocks.

They quickly began to circulate on social networks videos of plays of some of their matches and they have gone viral all over the world with users hallucinating at his incredible stature. And it is that he does not need to jump to score, rebound or put blocks before the resignation of his rivals.

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According to China’s ‘Global Times’ newspaper, Zhang was already 1.60 when he was studying in elementary school. and surpassed 2.11 when he started high school.

His parents also played basketball, although it has already exceeded them in height. His father is 2.13 and his mother, Yu Ying, who became international with the Chinese team, is 1.98.

Yao Ming dunk with the Houston Rockets in a 2008 NBA game (Photo: Jed Jacobsohn / Getty Images).
Yao Ming dunk with the Houston Rockets in a 2008 NBA game (Photo: Jed Jacobsohn / Getty Images).

In his country many compare her to Chinese basketball legend and five-time NBA All Star Yao Ming, whose height is 2.31. If this little basketball promise doesn’t stop growing, it may end up outnumbering it by inches.

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