Tabak accepts the challenge of San Pablo motivated by the ambition of the club

Hereda’s new coach Saint Paul Burgos, Žan Tabak, stated this Friday during his presentation that “the ambition to continue growing” of the club has been one of the reasons that have prompted him to accept this challenge, and added that he loves challenges.

“It is an important and great challenge to continue doing well,” explained the Croatian coach, who stressed that he is confident that he and the club can do it and move forward “with the same trajectory he has had in the last six years ”.

Tabak He has been presented as a coach who will try to adapt his work to the template that will be made over the next few weeks.

“We are going to be flexible and see how we better adapt to the new players that we sign with those who are already here,” he stressed before clarifying that they are not limited in the search for a specific type of player.

Tabak has already begun to take “some first steps” together with the club’s sports director, To the bathroom
Martinez, for the elaboration of the template.

The motivation to face this new project in Žan’s career Tabak It comes from several fronts, he explained during his speech to the media.

“First, I was motivated by the fact that when I left Spain it was clear to her that she wanted to come back here. When I retired from basketball, I decided that Spain it is my house and for me, being able to be in my house is a luxury “, he specified.

He has also referred, with special affection, to the Burgos fans that he knows “from TV.”

“I hope to be able to return and justify this trust that has been placed in me and to continue along the same lines as what has been done so far,” he concluded.

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