Suns resort to complaints against umpires

The Phoenix Suns lost solidly and clearly last night, but his coach Monty Williams came to the fore with a clear message in the direction of the referees, similar to the one that Mike Budenholzer already launched after the defeat of the Milwaukee Bucks in the first game of the NBA Finals 2021.

“I will not go in to complain publicly about the fouls”, explained the coach of the Arizona team, who then did what he proposed not to do: “I won’t, but you can see … we took 16 free throws tonight, and one person took 17”.

The reference on launches from the staff line of Giannis Antetokounmpo (13 of 17) was perhaps one of the bad loser excuses the Suns missed, very complaining on the court and somewhat less in the press room, where Beyond the slip of their technician they also intoned the mea culpa.

There is a statistic that was already highlighted in the press conferences prior to the third game, which the Bucks beat by a final 120-100: lChris Paul’s teams have lost 12 straight games with him on the court and Scott Foster as head referee.

The reality of the numbers is not as obvious as Williams wanted to paint. Milwaukee threw 26 free throws and scored 20 as a team, Phoenix stayed in a 11 of 16 shot but not scandalous either.

As Budenholzer already did, the seed planted by Williams seeks to take some pressure off and achieve a gentler whistle. ahead of the fourth match of the tie, which takes place at dawn from Wednesday to Thursday the 14th in Spain from 03:00 a.m.

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