Stroll’s father shows off his $ 30 million Ferrari on the streets of Montreal

Laurence Stroll, Lance's father and Aston Martin owner

Laurence Stroll, Lance's father and Aston Martin owner
Laurence Stroll, Lance’s father and Aston Martin owner
AFP7 via Europa Press

The family Stroll owns one of the thousand largest fortunes in the world, with a equity close to 3 billion dollars And you don’t have to dig deep or be an expert to figure it out. The patriarch, Lawrence, he owns the team Aston martin of F1, as well as partner of personalities from the world of fashion such as Pierre Cardin, Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger and Michael Kors.

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He culminates this entire empire by feeding his heritage with his great passion: cars. Specifically, with a multi-million dollar collection up to 25 Ferraris which is among the most famous in the world. His major acquisitions include one of the three Ferrari 330 P4s that were made, a 250 GT LWB California Spider or an impressive 1967 Ferrari 275 GTB / 4 NART Spider bought for almost 30 million.

Precisely the latter has been in the news in recent days after Stroll has decided take him out for a walk through the streets of his Montreal Natal causing the envy of passers-by who have immortalized the moment and have shared it on social networks.

Stroll snapped up this motorsport gem in 2013 at an auction that broke the record for the most expensive ever made in the United States at the time. Although the organizers expected it to end between 14 and 17 million dollars, the magnate rose to 25, which adding commissions, rose to 27.5 million who ended up paying for the car.

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