Storm and hail in the Godó

Storm and hail in the Godó

The rain did not want to miss the semifinals between Pablo Carreño and Diego Schwartzman and Carlos Alcaraz and Alex de Miñaur. He has been faithful in this 69th edition of the Barcelona Open Banc Sabadell and this Saturday he has intensified his strength. From 12:30 it began to fall strongly, even in the form of hail, on the Sant Jordi festival. The festival of the book, the rose and the best tennis in the city has been interrupted by a dog daywhere temperatures have dropped ostensibly.

The first match was scheduled for 1:30 p.m. Carreño and Schwartzaman were already prepared, warming up, when in the first place the semifinal was interrupted until 2:00 p.m. Subsequently, and before the second burst of hail, the organization has changed the start of the match for 15:30. The sky is still cloudy. Forecasts may be even worse. That will also cause the delay of the meeting between Alcaraz and De Miñaur.

On Wednesday night the problems began in the program because of the rain. Stéfanos Tsitsipas could not finish his match, so on Thursday, the day on which the entire day of the round of 16 was suspended, he managed to finish that duel as did Dimitrov. Both prepared for the double-shift Friday, where the rain gave a respite, but it has returned this Saturday in an even more forceful way.

Spectators took refuge in the open stands, those with umbrellas or raincoats; they were descending at full speed down the stairs to the covered area of ​​the corridors, where the drops were moistening them. Others, the most pessimistic or the most fortunate to live in the neighborhood, left the premises to wait at home for the new schedule. Some semifinals that are in danger and that depend on time.

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