Stop the mess again: take a picture of a ball in the middle of the game

Benoit Paire snaps a shot at the mark of a ball on the court during his match against Stefano Travaglia at the 1000 Masters in Rome.

Every time Benoit Paire plays a tennis match it has become news … but not because of its results. The latest eccentricity of the controversial French tennis player took place during his first round match at the 1000 Masters in Rome.

Paire starred in a new scene during his loss to Stefano Travaglia, to whom he lost in straight sets 6-4, 6-3. With Carlos Bernardes as chair umpire, Paire lost a point for a ball that supposedly went out.

Neither short nor lazy the French caught sor mobile phone to take a picture of the psitta and the mark that the ball left on the clay in addition to blurting out: “If that ball has been out I will shoot from the top of the stadium.” Finally Piare was punished with a warning for his behavior but even so the French tennis player was not able to react in a very poor 2021 for him in which he has a balance of 2 wins by 12 losses.

Jean-Paul Loth’s Criticisms: “Is That The Old Man?”

The former French Davis Cup champion, Jean-Paul Loth, criticized Paire’s attitude at Eurosport France after this new scene staged by the French: “Paire is not a professional player, he is a charlatan”, to which Paire himself replied in their social networks. “Jean-Paul Loth, is it the old man?” snapped the Frenchman. Paire adds and continues his extensive history of incidents that have already left him without the Olympics.

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