Sorribes: “Anabel had the courage to bet on Carla”

Sorribes: "Anabel had the courage to bet on Carla"

“I am very happy, because it has been an amazing day for me and for all of us. I am very happy with how I have managed my emotions, “said the savior of Spain on the first day of the Billie Jean King Cup Finals, Sara Sorribes. At a press conference that was held in the catacombs of the O2 Arena near the one in the morning, The Castellón oozed emotion when talking about Carla Suárez, with whom she won the decisive point in doubles, hours after the Canary Islands lost the first singles to Slovakia. “It is a sign that we have made all week (she said about the dedication she made to her on the court), I know the effort she has made throughout the season and to be able to play here today, and I was very excited that she could be available. It has been a wonderful day. Because Anabel has had the courage to bet on her, because she has wanted and because I have been lucky enough to be able to win my singles and help her in the doubles. “

The captain, Anabel Medina, explained why she had decided that Carla would play: “She has always been a very important player because of her experience and her point guard., with many years in the Federation Cup and having played complicated qualifying rounds. He has a very high capacity and level of tennis. I pay close attention to the week before the competitions and analyze the players during training sessions. And she has been very good (“She has beaten us all,” interrupts Sorribes). He was at the level of all and wanted to play. That is why it had to be taken into account “.

Sorribes insisted on what he had said on the court in English to win over Schmiedlova: “We work for this. For me playing for Spain is the most beautiful thing. Many times Carla and I commented several times that we should have chosen a team sport, no individual. The whole team deserved it. I have been lucky to win singles and help in doubles. And all the effort has been worth it. “

Next opponent: United States

On the next opponent, the United States, and the chances of qualifying for the semi-finals, Carla analyzed that “in this format, all matches count, all sets.” “And having won is very good for us, it is very important, especially to depend on us. We know their potential and it is true that they have to play tomorrow, to see what happens. We have to try to recover as well as possible and come back on Wednesday to be at one hundred percent, because we are risking life or death. So it will be important to be able to compete well. “

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