Shooting outside Nationals Park causes suspension of game between Nationals and Padres

Shooting suspends the game between Padres and Nationals.

Lto MLB lived a moment of terror when they asked to evacuate the Nationals Park due to a shooting outside the stadium, causing the Padres and Nationals game to be suspended.

In several videos circulating on social networks, you can see people fleeing the stadium, after hearing the rumblings. The game was stopped to coordinate the safety of the fans inside who fled the stands just like the players.

The incident happened during the seventh inning with advantage Parents 8-4. The AFP agency reported that they were 12 detonations were heard at the door leading to Third Base.

The local voice of the stadium called for calm to the people who He went down to the field trying to flee from the shots and take cover below, while the players took cover in the dugouts.

The The game was officially suspended until further notice, the Nationals reported.

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