Shohei Ohtani could stop pitching for the Angels for the rest of the season

An injury to Ohtani could end his season as a pitcher.

LAngels of LA they can be left without a pitcher for the rest of the season, after his pitcher Shohei Ohtani reported feeling sore in his right arm. The player will not pitch in Friday’s game against the Oakland Athletics.

Ohtani felt pain while playing Wednesday, so Angels manager Joe Maddon said in Thursday’s game preview that “If there is some kind of constant pain,” he may not be seen to pitch.

Because of this, a candidate for Major League Baseball Most Valuable Player (MVP) you may lose your chance at the prize. The last match that featured his participation as a pitcher was on September 10, when the Angels fell 10-5 to the Astros in Houston.

Despite the pain Ohtani wants to continue as a pitcher to reach his 10th win, however, Maddon cautioned that even though ten wins “look better than nine,” he can’t let that be your motivation.

Ohtani, also known by his nickname ‘Shotime’, continues his role as designated hitter and participated in the game on Thursday that It ended in an Angels win over the White Sox with a score of 9-3.

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