Shapovalov accuses Nadal and the chair umpire: “You are corrupt”

Denis Shapovalov came very close to upsetting Rafa Nadal in the Australian Open quarterfinals. However, the Canadian also starred in several controversial scenes during the meeting. Some episodes that have already marked Shapovalov’s career in a negative way, such as that involuntary pitch to a chair umpire in a Davis Cup match.

Shapovalov charged hard against the chair umpire Carlos Bernardes and against Rafa Nadal himself because of the time that the Balearic took when serving and that earned him a warning to the Balearic by Bernardes. “You are corrupt,” Shapovalov snapped in full match.

The controversy with Shapovalov did not end there since, after losing the decisive point, he slammed his racket against the ground with accumulated frustration that the ball boys had to withdraw while Shapovalov left the track. An ugly gesture that obscures the great game of the Canadian, who once again lost his bad ways despite his good tennis.

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