Several gunshot wounded at Bucks celebration

The Milwaukee
Bucks they proclaimed NBA champions before his audience and the entire city went into a state of jubilation. Fans of the franchise took to the streets to celebrate the ring obtained but the joy was about to turn into tragedy in some case.

Milwaukee City Police reported firearm shots at the Bucks celebration in the middle of the night. Two shootings they unleashed panic and caused some stampedes, although there were no serious injuries to regret.

According to the police, the events took place around one in the morning, in two different locations. In both cases, agents detained those responsible after the shots were fired.

No one was seriously injured or fatally injured but two people were transferred to the hospitals premises to be served.

A television team from the WISN network was close to the events and reported hearing the shots first and the crowd running little later. They reported that the arrival of the police was immediate and the situation was quickly resolved.

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