Sergio Rodríguez: “The Olympic Games are something magical” “

Sergio Rodriguez, international player of the Armani milan, declared this Thursday that the Olympic Games they are “something magical” for an athlete, because they live “with such enthusiasm that they get along very well.”

Sergio Rodriguez, international on 145 occasions with the Spanish basketball team, has in his record the silver medal of the London 2012 Games and the bronze medal in Rio de Janeiro 2016.

“The Games are something magical and it is a dream to be able to be in a competition like this. Winning a medal is something special, but what is most valued is the path,” said the Canarian player, who spoke about the pressure that an athlete can feel at the key moment of a Games in which a failure can mean running out of a prize.

“At that moment when you are going to take a shot, you only think about the routine you have. For example, I feel more pressure when celebrating a victory because I think about what would have happened if a shot failed,” he confessed in a video broadcast during a Bridgestone event at the headquarters of the Spanish Olympic Committee.

“The Games are an intense event but it is lived with such enthusiasm that it gets along very well. You see all the athletes, how they prepare, the routines they have and it is very beautiful. It is one of the events we all want to be in. The wait has been intense and long, we all would have liked to be in 2020, but an effort has been made so that this year everything goes well, “he concluded.

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