Schedule, schedules and how to watch Major League Baseball postseason games on TV

Major League Baseball’s regular season came to an end. The 162-game marathon concluded on sunday and there was a chance of having a quadruple tie for the AL wild-card spots, but it ended up being resolved in a less complicated way in the end.

Giants, Brewers, Braves, Dodgers and Cardinals are the teams that are still alive in the National League, while in the American they qualified the Rays, Astros, White Sox, Yankees and Red Sox.

The Major League Baseball postmortem will kick off on Tuesday, October 5, with the AL wild card duel to be played at Fenway Park, in one more edition of the greatest rivalry in sport: Yankees vs Red Sox. The winner will advance to the divisional series against the Rays, who secured their home at the Young Circuit.

The next day, it will be the National wild card game. Cardinals will face the team with the second-best record in all of baseball, the defending champs Dodgers, who were one game behind the surprise Giants in the Western Division and will have to risk their lives to enter the divisional series. San Francisco will be the rival for the winner.

NY Yankees at Boston Red Sox, 8:00 PM ET, ESPN (American League Wild Card Game)

St. Louis Cardinals at LA Dodgers, 8:10 PM ET (National League Wild Card Game)

Chicago White Sox at Houston Astros, TV TBD (Game 1 Divisional Series)

NYY / BOS at Tampa Bay Rays, TV TBD (Game 1 Divisional Series)

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