Scariolo: “We don’t have a player who can replace Juancho”

Injury to Juancho Hernangómez in the friendly against France last Thursday in Malaga has been a hard blow for the Spanish team, which has lost one of its starters in the face of the Tokyo Olympics that start in a few days.

“It was a hard blow because Juancho He is a very beloved member of the group, he always brings that point of joy, positivity, enthusiasm and energy that a somewhat veteran group like ours has always done very well, regardless of course of his talent and his qualities, which are unique ”, declared yesterday Sergio Scariolo. For the Spanish coach the blow was twofold, because his concern for the person was added to the sport. “We do not have a player in the team who can replace him with that ability to be a good athlete and an excellent shooter,” he added.

Scariolo recognizes that the low of the eaves of the Wolves “He does disrupt plans, he doesn’t have a substitute, so we have to look for adjustments, readjust things a bit and look for new formulas. We will probably have to be a little more flexible, because the quintet that started the matches was the world champion quintet and it gave us great guarantees and attack-defense balance, to be able to defend players of all roles … Now we will have to manipulate it a bit. , although we have also changed it on occasions in the World Cup itself. We have to be open to all situations ”.

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