Scariolo: “I have seen points of the authentic Pau and that makes me happy”

The Spanish coach, Sergio
Scariolo, ended up very happy with the level shown by his team in the triumph over Iran, a match in which the presence of a reappeared stood out Pau

“Pau gets along alone. I can choose the moment, dose him and find better moments but he is a computer of himself “, he explained Scariolo. “It is quite fresh, it is being taken care of and it is trying to give us those quality minutes. I have seen points of the authentic Pau and that makes me happy ”.

On the contribution of players who have been habitual in the windows during past months he also drew good conclusions.

“We always get useful indications,” said the technician. “It is not a question of who is the rival or us because we have an idea to make the players play different from what the competition will be. We want to try them all and we are very happy with how those who have been competing in the windows or with the U20 during these years come. You can tell they have a way of meeting and playing together. That is the most positive note ”, he concluded.

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