Russell, Alonso’s “young favorite”, surrenders to him after their epic duel at the Austrian GP

Fernando Alonso and George Russell

Fernando Alonso and George Russell
Fernando Alonso and George Russell

Fernando Alonso returned to score in the Austrian GP of Formula 1 this past weekend, after finishing tenth and adding one more point to his counter. However, it was not easy for the Asturian, who came out in 14th position and climbed four places to keep adding. The last step was taken in the final laps after a high voltage duel against Williams’ English, George Russell.

Fernando Alonso, at the Austrian GP

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The one who is regarded as one of the great promises of Formula 1 and Alonso’s favorite for the future, he will have to continue waiting to score the first points with Williams, after succumbing against the Alpine, giving up tenth place. For this very reason, It was this time Russell who wanted to praise his rival.

After the race, he wanted to recognize the battle that both fought, through a publication in networks. “My respects to Alonso for a tough and clean battle. Hopefully it’s the first of many“he wrote on Twitter.

In the same way, F1 itself wanted to join the story and dedicated a message to both with an unpublished video of Alonso hugging and comforting Russell after the race. “George Russell wanted a point … instead he got a hug from the man who pointed him out as a future champion“, they remarked.

The Spaniard, for his part, regretted leaving a pilot he likes so much without points. “When I saw that it was George, I felt a little sad that the battle had to be with him“, he confessed, before predicting that” he will have the opportunity to get on the podium and fight for victories, I suppose in the future if he goes to Mercedes “.

Alonso has never hidden the hopes he has in the British rider. In late 2020, Magic singled out Russell as their favorite driver among the youngsters. “I think of all of them, George Russell is the one who surprises me every weekend. How the Williams is driving with zero errors and I’m really surprised by his natural speed, “he said.

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