Rumors grow around the moves ahead of the Draft

There is less and less left to put the finishing touch on a clearly different season in the NBA with all that this entails. Once the Finals are over, the next step will be the night of the Draft.

There are still a few weeks left but little by little more rumors about the movements that we could see until then or the same evening of the event. There are several teams that are not happy with their position in the lottery and want to change it.

One of these teams are the Cleveland
Cavaliers. The Ohio team won the third pick in the last lottery but reports suggest that they would be looking to get the first pick, to get Cade to sign Cunningham.

All teams want to get this player, considered by many to be the great star of his generation. The Cavaliers want to rebuild from scratch, like the last time they had the first pick and chose Kyrie

However, not everything is teams that want to go up in the Draft, but sometimes the opposite happens. It is the example of Pelicans, what they have pick number 10 and would be willing to ditch it in order to get a veteran player to help them win now.

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